Wish Me Happy Landing

I once went to a small swimming hole fondly nicknamed the Garden of Eden. While at the Garden of Eden my friends and I decided to climb up a small cliff face and then jump off into the water. The top of the “cliff” was no more than 12 feet above the water surface and yet, despite having jumped from heights much greater than 12 feet onto much more unforgiving surfaces, when I stood at the top and looked down into the pool below me I was completely paralyzed with fear. After several go arounds of “you jump first,” “no, you jump first,” I looked at my friend and I just jumped. And it was exhilarating. And I climbed back up and I jumped again.

Now, what does this anecdote about the Garden of Eden have to do with me studying abroad in England? Well, I’m sitting here in the San Francisco International Airport about to leave the country for the semester and I’m in state of eerie calm. My bags are packed. My flight has been booked. I can choose to be nervous, or I can choose not to be. In the wise words of my favorite Disney prince, “wish me happy landing. All I gotta do is jump.”




2 thoughts on “Wish Me Happy Landing

  1. Hi Katie!

    You may not remember, but a few months ago I linked your blog in a blog post I wrote about my dream of going to Oxford. You wished me luck and after a rigorous year, I was accepted into spending this coming fall semester there!

    I came across that blogpost tonight and read through several of you posts again. I was struck with our many similarities. I also have a love for literature and will be studying it while in Oxford, I live in Northern California, I am a Christian (not sure of your religious background), anything I’m forgetting?!

    Anyways, I am just messaging you to say hello and how excited (and nervous) reading through your posts made me for this coming semester. Thanks for sharing!!

    – Karli

    • Karli,

      I’m so excited for you! I am certain you will absolutely love Oxford! Do you know what your tutorials will be yet? (Did I mention I’m SO excited for you?)

      I’m glad you wrote to me and that my posts proved helpful to someone. I remember looking everywhere before studying abroad for someone writing about their experience in Oxford. If you have any questions during your planning process feel free to contact me; I’d love to help if I can!

      I wish you all the best in your fall semester and I hope you decide to write about your travels so I can live vicariously through you!

      All best,

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