London Calling

I recently painted the London skyline as part of a set for a production of 101 dalmatians. The process included staring at pictures of big ben, the london bridge, and other notable structures for what seemed like hours on end. After that experience I felt I was well acquainted with the view, but I was completely and utterly wrong. Seeing the London Eye and the parliament building across the River Thames is the the first time it genuinely hit me that I was in England, yet it was still such an unreal experience. I could probably see the view every day and it would never lose its luster.

photo courtesy of Joowon Oh

photo courtesy of Joowon Oh

photo courtesy of Courtney Bramstedt

photo courtesy of Courtney Bramstedt

We spent the first two days in London and the short time frame combined with jet lag left little time to do anything besides hit the major tourist attractions. Even being surrounded by loads of other tourists, I enjoyed the experience. However, I did enjoy our one “local” experience which was riding the tube. I might be in love with the London underground system. If everything in my life was laid out as logically and efficiently, I might never have need to complain about anything ever again. Additionally, everyone on the tube reads the newspaper. That’s right, a physical, hold in your hand, not a smartphone newspaper. And something about that just warms my heart.


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