The Great Outdoors

We’ve spent plenty of time sitting in old buildings, but not as much time exploring the great outdoors. Enter St. Frideswide. For those who don’t know, St. Frideswide is the patron saint of Oxford. Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know about Frideswide until I got here either, but now I feel like old friends because the story has been recounted to us at least 10 times. If you’re interested, go read about Frideswide here!

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to go off in search of St. Frideswide’s well. And we found it. Here it is!


It’s tucked away in a graveyard by the smallest chapel you’ll ever lay your eyes on, but the grounds are beautiful in a haunting kind of way.


Photo courtesy of Joowon Oh

After Frideswide’s well, we walked down the river Thames to Godstow Abbey and a much needed break at the Trout pub. All in all, it was a beautiful walk down by the river and out in nature on an uncharacteristically warm day. Exhausted, but happy we trekked back home rounding out our trip to a grand total of 11 miles! If nothing else, there is one essential item when packing for study abroad: walking shoes!


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