Welcome to My Crib

My new love: Blenheim Palace.

Reason #1: This view.


Photo courtesy of Damaris Bangean

Reason #2: The library has an organ in it. My favorite things in the entire world? libraries and organs.


Reason #3: Winston Churchill was born here and that’s pretty cool.

Reason #4: There is a pair of dressers by a certain artists and one of the other only known pairs existing is on display in California. So, naturally I feel a weird kinship with the place.


Photo courtesy of Damaris Bangean.

Reason #5: There’s a waterfall. And you can’t even tell it’s manmade.

Reason #6: My tour guide, Julia, might be the funniest woman alive.

Reason #7: With purchase of a one day ticket, annual passes are FREE! So basically, I’m going to chill in a palace all the time.

All in all, my day at Blenheim palace was about as perfect as a day can get. And because pictures are worth a thousand words and I could never do it justice, here’s the main entrance. What a beaut.



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