Meet the Tutors

I have fond memories of taking “first day of school” photos with my teachers in elementary school. While meeting my tutors for the first time probably isn’t something I need to scrapbook, it nonetheless felt like a very momentous occasion.

I suppose now is as good time as ever to introduce both my tutors and what the heck I’m even studying here, but first things first, how does the tutorial system work? Basically, I’m taking one major tutorial and one minor tutorial. The major tutorial is the equivalent of 8 American credits and meets once a week. The minor tutorial is the equivalent of 4 credits and meets every other week.

Let’s break it down:

Major tutorial: Victorian Literature with Kalika Sands
First impression: We met in Blackwells, a bookstore, and Kalika was already there when I arrived 10 minutes early. She was drinking water. For some reason that scared me. Kalika is kind of scary intense even though she was really nice, so I don’t eve know what my problem is. She point blank told me that I would struggle if I couldn’t read quickly. I have a novel to read and a 2,500 word paper to write every week. Wish me luck.

Minor Tutorial: Blakean poetry with Olivia Reilly
First impression: We met at a tiny coffee shop. I downed a cappuchino out of nervousness before Olivia even arrived. When she did arrive, she was carrying the largest handbag I’d ever seen and spent a few minutes searching for a pen in a frazzled manner. Olivia asked me about my previous studies and, because I’m incompetent apparently, I was unable to name the title of a single thing I’ve read. Ever. I ended up stating some nonsense about turn of the century American literature (uhm, what?). Despite my clear anxiety, Olivia was maybe the cutest person I’ve ever met. We ended up walking quite a ways together because her office is right by my house (score!)

Anyway, I’m starting to feel slightly overwhelmed in that I chose possibly the most academically demanding study abroad program that exists. This post would be less disjointed, but I have two essays to edit, a novel to read, research to do, and another paper to write.

And now, enjoy my melancholy (and rather silly) selfie with Jane Eyre.



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