Punt, Punt, Punt, your Boat

Lesser known fact about me: I’m obsessed with boats. As a kid I loved power boats more than anything. In venice you bet I wanted to ride in a gondola. Cruises are the best thing ever and you know I love some white water rafting. Basically, I’ll take every opportunity to jam out to The Lonely Island. Consequently, I wasted no time in offering to take part in a classic Oxford pastime: punting.

A punt is a flat boat used mainly in shallow water. At Oxford, punting along the river Cherwell is a widely enjoyed pastime. The actual act of punting is a bit of a process:

First, make sure everyone is in the boat. Sidenote: make sure the boat is weighted (somewhat) evenly.

Next, pick up a 16 foot metal pole that is heavy as all hell.

Next, Put said pole straight down in the water and propel the boat forward using brute strength.

Then, try not to hit the sides of the river. Steering is almost impossible, so good luck.

Here is a picture of the lovely boats all lined up at the dock.


Photo courtesy of Joowon Oh

And here is my attempt at punting.


Photo courtesy of Joowon Oh

All in all, punting was such a fun experience. There’s definitely a learning curve and between my inability to steer and one of my passenger’s paralyzing fear of birds, the entire journey was quite the ordeal. We left the dock a bit wetter, but the weather was perfect and the memories lasting.


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