Magdalen College

I met my tutor, Olivia, inside of Magdalen college. Upon telling the porter my intentions he said, “Oh, so you’re a romanticist?” Something about being referred to as a student of something was thrilling. I would never by any means consider myself a student of Romanticism, but still, the thought was appreciated.

I intentionally arrived at Magdalen with plenty of time to spare, so I could look around the college, and boy did I look around. The campus goes on for miles and it is quite the beauty.


The front quad and side of the chapel


The marvelous Anna Rose


Impeccaple gardening, Intimidating architecture


Steeples, gates, and a river. Magdalen’s got it all.

The fields, which went on for miles and I didn’t have time to fully explore, were home to the largest herd of deer I’ve ever seen. Imagine 40 deer all frolicking in a meadow that stretches as far as the eye can see with a castle in the background. It may sound like a fairy tale, but it’s very much a reality at Magdalen.


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