My Neck of the Woods

Back in the day when I was regularly auditioning for musicals, my best friend’s audition song was “The Girl I Mean to Be” from The Secret Garden. The last verse went as follows:
I need a place to spend the day,
Where no one says to go or stay,
Where I can take my pen and draw
The girl I mean to be.

Now, this may be a bit cliche, but I found that place for myself. Okay, maybe not the end bit of drawing the girl I’m meant to be, but at least I found a really ideal location to read. It’s buried in the meadows of Magdalen.


Look at me, happy as a clam, chilling in a tree and reading Blake.


Side note: you can’t tell because my selfie arm is only so long, but I’m legitimately sitting in a tree in this picture. I later noticed a sign that blatantly said “plase do not climb trees,” so I moved to the bench.

The place is perfect because there is no one out there (too cold perhaps) and the view is amazing. To one side is this majestic line of trees and to the other is the equally majestic Magdalen tower.

IMG_2157[1]      IMG_2171[1]

Anyway, I just thought I’d share my little slice of heaven. Just me and the deer.


P.S. I have 50 blurry photos of deer on my phone.


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