Night at the Museum

Imagine this: you’re walking aimlessly around the city with your friend on a Friday night wondering what there is to do when a smartly dressed woman approaches you and says, “would you like to attend an after hours event at the Pitt Rivers Museum?” Do you say yes?

Hell to the yeah you do! Or at least, that’s what we did. The event ended up being really great, so it looks like luck was on our side that night. I had never been in the museum before, and I was amazed at the sheer size of the place!


Aerial view


One of the many aisles

Here’s one of my favorite display cases. Just for jollies.


Look at all the playing cards!

While all of the artifacts were absolutely fascinating to look at, the event was especially spectacular because there were curators all around the museum to answer questions and some items were even available for handling. I held a thousand year old mask of the devil; how cool! And perhaps the cutest part of the event was the live music and poetry readings.



So, next time you’re in Oxford and looking for something fun to do on a Friday night, hit up Pitt Rivers (because museums are way cooler than college parties.).


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